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Stay On The Job

“Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not.”

2 Timothy 4:2 (NLT)

The apostle Paul was a jailbird of sorts. Imprisoned for preaching the good news, he did not let that discourage him. He just kept right on preaching while in prison. Can you just see him preaching to the guards chained to him? They probably worked in shifts and each time, Paul struck up a conversation with them and had compelling discussions about Christ. When life goes wrong for us, the temptation to allow that to discourage and distract is real. Satan is counting on it! Determine that no matter what is going on in life, you will not stop living for Christ and sharing His love and truth with others. Life is always going to be a combination of good days and bad, My Friend. Make up your mind that no matter what is going on, you are going to stay on the job of sharing Jesus with whoever happens to be in preaching distance.

Georgia Pointer


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