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A Year of Obedience

“Noah did everything just as God commanded him” Genesis 6:22.

Obedience is a wonderful way to please God. If an earthly parent finds pleasure in an obedient child, how much more does our Heavenly Father? An obedient child reaps beautiful benefits from doing as she is told. She experiences peace, knowing she has pleased God. Joy is another glorious by-product. How much stress have we caused ourselves due to disobedience? We have all been there. We remember the undue stress and consequences that were nowhere near worth the benefit we thought we got. Right?

Let’s purpose in our hearts to be children of obedience this year. Whatever the Father commands, we will say “yes” and obey. This will be a year when we make the Lord smile and bring Him glory. We will be the daughters who do not argue, question, or hesitate. He’s been such a good, good Father. Let us bless Him by being good, obedient daughters.


Photo by Preston Barrett


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