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Go Back To The Basics

“Without growing weary, you have persevered and endured many things for the sake of My name. But I have this against you: you have abandoned your first love.” Revelation 2:3-4

No matter how long you have been a Christian, you never outgrow your need to stick with the basics. Remembering the cross and who you were before Jesus found you and praying and reading your Bible everyday are a few things you cannot afford to lose sight of, my friend. Whenever you start to think you do not need to keep the basics of the faith in mind, you can be sure you are not where God would have you to be. Yes, you may have learned a lot beyond the basics, but those basics are the foundation that make your new knowledge work. Never allow yourself to believe you have no need of dependence on Christ for everything! Humble yourself every single day in God’s presence, remembering that without Him you can and would be nothing. Just as human relationships need regular maintenance to thrive, so does your relationship with God. Life will always throw something your way that you cannot handle. Do not allow a stretch of good times to lull you into thinking you do not need to always be getting prepared for the next grenade. No, you do not have to live in fear or look over your shoulder for the next catastrophe, but if you practice good friendship maintenance with God, you can be more ready when the time to fight comes again.

You have grown and overcome some things you previously thought would kill you. You clung to the basics for dear life because you were desperate. Now that you have some victories under your belt, resist the temptation to slack off. You can only live off the reserves of your last victory for so long. God is a daily meal you must partake of if you are going to have daily strength. He will always be smarter than you, so be smart enough to stick with Him. You have come so far and I know you want to go farther still. Go back to your first love, go back to the things that got you where you are today. Go back to the basics.

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