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Just Show Up

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has no prepared for those who love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

If God can create an entire world and universe out of nothing, imagine what He can do if you just show up where He tells you! Yes, you, My Friend, with all of your questions about the details and your nagging doubts about whether you can do this and your fears of looking like a fool if it does not turn out right.

I have discovered that if I just show up where God says, He gets the chance to reveal Himself to me in a whole new way. It’s beautiful! You see, fear, doubt, and unending questions have a way of obscuring the glory God wants to show you. Your spiritual enemy, the devil, works overtime to convince you to stay where it is safe, where you think you are in control because he has no interest in seeing you receive the good God has in store for you. He knows that if you show up, or just hang in there when you do show up, the same God who created the mountains, seas, and flowers will create something beautiful in you! I believe that when you obey God, you become like a blank canvas that God is dying to paint something beautiful on. You get to be used by God to show Himself off. You become a satisfied customer who gets to advertise to other people what God can do. You have already seen a little of what He can do. He wants to show you more, to blow your mind, My friend, at what is possible when you let God do His thing in you. Yes, it’s a little scary, and it might even be a little uncomfortable, but oh, it will be so worth it! Your comfort zone may be hard to leave, but that comfort cannot compare to the joy that is coming if you trust God and just. show. up!

Georgia Pointer


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